Learn NZSL

Learning NZSL creates a more accessible environment
for your child – and it’s fun! Relax and enjoy developing NZSL
as a family!

Starting Out

Start learning NZSL and see how you can use sign language in your daily interactions

NZSL in your home

Come in and expand your vocabulary!

Stories, Rhymes, Celebrations

Check in here regularly for videos giving you NZSL for topical themes

NZSL in the Park

Learn NZSL vocab for use at the local park.

Kōhanga Reo

Start learning NZSL alongside with Te Reo Māori at your local Kōhanga Reo Centre.

Promoted Videos

Playing outside

Elf Poem with Captions

First Signs – Richard Tohora Nui

Nursery Rhyme: Five Little Monkeys