First Signs:

Life is better with NZSL

First Steps

Everything you need to know about First Signs. Come on in

Learn Sign

Get your hands out, flex those face muscles and learn some New Zealand Sign Language


Information about sign language with babies and toddlers.

Learn Sign videos

Stories, Rhymes, Celebrations

Check in here regularly for videos giving you NZSL for topical themes: birthdays, Christmas, rhymes and more

About us

First Signs brings NZSL into the home and family/whānau environments, making learning NZSL fun.

First Signs facilitators work with families and whānau from 13 regional offices.




Visual Communication

Ways to get your little one’s attention and helpful tips to communicate visually.

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Developing Literacy Skills

Find out how to share stories and start developing your child’s literacy skills.

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Further Information

More reading on sign language and deaf children.

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First Signs Vocabulary booklet

A book of useful vocabulary for young ones and their families

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NZSL and Us

A short series of videos about NZSL and families produced by Deaf Children NZ

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What is NZSL?

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is the natural language of the Deaf community in New Zealand, learn…

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Communication Tips

Some tips to ease communication with Deaf people

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